Our Key Features

Our platform is designed to provide comprehensive support and tailored resources to families with children aged 3-15 years old, as well as educators and therapists in the special education sector. Explore the key features that make Learning Arc the leading learning platform for special needs children.

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Programs and Activities

Online programs & learning activities for the development of kids

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Connect with Resources

Connect with the right doctors, speech therapists and

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Parent Counselling

Counselling for parents
to help them manage

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Information and Search

Doctors, therapists, schools, learning centres and assistive equipment

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Training for Teachers, Parents kids and Support

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Free Consultancy Session

A one-on-one free consultancy session of 15 minutes each to understand the problems.

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Community Building

Building an online community for special needs kids to interact and connect with others

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AI-Powered Recommendations

Discover personalized learning journeys with our AI-powered recommendation engine.

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About Us

Learning Arc is an online learning platform specializing in personalized education programs for children with special needs. Founded by three passionate educators, our mission is to empower each child to reach their highest potential while supporting their parents on this journey. With comprehensive educational experiences, we provide interactive and therapeutic learning tailored to the unique needs of every child. Through our community of parents, educators, and therapists, we create a nurturing environment that fosters growth and development.

With innovative AI-driven recommendations, we ensure each child receives the targeted support they need. Join us in unlocking potential and transforming lives, one step at a time.


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  • Empowering Every Child's Unique Intelligence.
  • Personalized Learning that Transforms Lives.
  • Supporting Teachers in Making a Lasting Difference.

Our Programs

We offer individualized learning programs, therapeutic activities, social interaction opportunities, and resources for parents. All these are curated by certified educators and therapists based on each child's unique needs and abilities.

Learning Programs

We provide academic support, skill development, therapeutic activities, and social interaction opportunities, all personalized to suit each child's unique needs and abilities.

Parent Resources

We offer a range of resources for parents, including webinars, expert articles, community forums, and one-on-one consultations.

Therapeutic Activities

Therapeutic activities are designed to promote emotional, mental, and physical well-being, and they are often used in various therapeutic settings to support individuals in improving their overall health and functioning.

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Join Our Program

Embark on a transformative learning journey with our specialized programs tailored for the unique needs of your child.

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Find Out More

Learn about partnership opportunities with Learning Arc. Whether you are a specialized professional, an organization, or a company aligned with our mission, we welcome collaborations that contribute to improving the lives of special needs children and their families.

We will offer a free trial period for families to experience our platform. Post-trial, we will provide various subscription plans tailored to different needs, thereby ensuring accessibility for different income groups.

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Our Team

Our dedicated team is passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of special needs children and their families. Together, we bring expertise, compassion, and commitment to provide the highest quality of support and guidance.